Washington Nationals Revamp Stadium

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Washington Nationals Revamp Stadium

The Washington Nationals baseball team recently called upon Forty Forty Agency and Duggal Visual Solutions to revamp the appearance of their stadium in Washington, D.C

Duggal printed numerous items for the Washington Nationals stadium including vinyl banners, mesh banners and interior and exterior vinyl window adhesives.

The Washington Nationals wanted to replace several of their old banners that were faded and had visible seams. The new mesh and vinyl banners printed at Duggal range from 17’ x 34’ and 35’ x 34’ and have vibrant colors and nearly invisible seams.

The banners and window adhesives were all designed by Forty Forty Agency and printed on Duggal’s Durst 500R large format printer. The Durst 500R has unmatched quality with 2040 nozzles per color including white ink technology and has attained the prestigious Nordic Swan green certification.

The Durst uses UV ink, which is an eco-friendly substitution to traditional solvent ink. With UV inks, a precise spray of ink is used to sharply apply the image to the surface of the substrate versus solvent, which chemically infuses the ink to the substrate.

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