Welcome to Duggal Connect!

Welcome to the “Connect Center” at Duggal Visual Solutions!  Our goal is to provide essential information on all aspects of the printing industry – from fine art and photography to commercial advertising.  We’ll be answering questions, as well as providing the latest Duggal news, events and contests.

There will be descriptive articles on topics ranging from the best way to prep files for large format banners, and the difference between digital photographic papers, to the newest materials in direct-to-substrate printing.  As well, there will be subjective articles on such things as how to make a tradeshow booth stand out, our opinion on the best watercolor paper for rich colors, and great ideas for store or window displays. And of course, there will be a section dedicated to listing comments, ideas, and questions for the Duggal Team.

Thanks to our expert technicians and artists on staff, we remain on the cutting edge of the digital revolution in fine art photography and graphic arts.  And as part of the “Connect Center”, our skilled team will share information about the industry and listen to input and questions to direct this section of the Duggal site specifically towards customer interests.

With many of the same tools and creative ideas can be shared across all types of media, from paint to pixels, the information we’ll be putting together will be useful for every type of artist and creative professional. And we’ll tie in information that is as relevant to putting together a trade show or retail display, as it is to producing a world-class gallery exhibit.

So keep an eye out for the latest news, promotions and contests, and don’t forget to let us know how we are doing on our Ask Duggal Page.


The Duggal Team