What are Lightboxes and what kind does Duggal offer?

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What are Lightboxes and what kind does Duggal offer?

Duggal Visual Solutions is a leader in producing lightbox solutions. A lightbox is a graphic that is backlit with light encased in a unit. They create an eye-catching effect and are a vibrant way of viewing images. Lightboxes are available in almost any size, thickness, lighting type, opacity, etc. to fit specific needs a client may have. The biggest benefit of using a lightbox to display your visuals is that it is an easy way to gain attention. They are low-maintenance, long-living, save power, and offer easy switching out of graphics.

Furthermore, lightboxes are ideal for many different applications. Because the light is already built in, the surrounding ambient lighting of the location doesn’t need be adjusted by adding new lights to make an image visible. Additionally with the graphic being backlit, the image creates a high impact and dynamic effect. Stores and restaurants that want to stand out, announce a new release, or menus could use the power of light to attract potential customers. With many of Duggal’s off-the-shelf lightboxes, the client has the ability to change graphics out easily allowing for different sales or promotions. Lightboxes can be installed in hotels to add to the identity of a space, or as interior design fine art pieces. Some exhibitions utilize the vibrant nature of lightboxes to show pieces or unveil new products in stunning color. The possibilities with lightboxes are virtually endless.

When customizing your lightbox there are a couple crucial factors to be aware of. Some of the most crucial factors in choosing a lightbox is knowing how much space is available, how much traffic is in that area, and if there is a plug nearby (or if wires will need to be run to it). Then the type of material you would like to use for the lightbox needs to be selected. Duggal offers both Fluorescent and LED lighting.  Fluorescent lights are the industry standard, lighting the image from tubes behind it, and typically last 6,000 – 15,000 hours, much longer than old incandescent bulbs. LEDs, on the other hand, light the image from the edges and offer extraordinary lifetimes (over 30,000 hours) while also using less power, therefore reducing running costs, but do cost more to install in the box itself.

Our Duggal team is here to help you Choose the perfect solution for you. Below are just a few of the lightboxes that we offer. For more information on a specific type, contact your sales representative or customer service today at info@duggal.com.

Ultra Thin Lightboxes

  • Size of frame – 1” frames and 3/8” panels
  • Graphic – Duraclear / Duratrans
  • Lighting – CCFL
  • Hanging – Hung by a cable system, and have the option of vertical or horizontal orientation.

Ultra Slim Lightboxes

  • Material – Acrylic lightboxes
  • Graphic – Duratrans
  • Hardware – ¾” stand-offs
  • Lighting – LED (comes in cool or warm)


Snap Frame Lightbox

  • Size of Frame – 2” deep, 1 ½” frame face
  • Material – Anodized aluminum framed lightboxes
  • Graphic – Duratrans
  • Lighting – LED

Custom Gasket Framed Lightboxes

  • Size of frame – 4” deep
  • Material – Custom aluminum extrusion that houses gaskets to give a borderless finish at any size
  • Graphic – Back lit Vinyl or Poplin
  • Lighting – Fluorescent or LED

Solar Powered Lightboxes

  • Materials – They are custom made per project using the latest solar panel technology
  • Graphic – Printed acrylic backed with white ink as the diffuser
  • Lighting – LED

Custom Sized Lightboxes

  • Size of frame – 4” deep
  • Materials – Custom aluminum extrusions, which mechanically attaches the graphic to the frame. It has a cover plate to hide mechanics.
  • Graphic – Variety of materials: please speak to one of sales representatives to find out what is best for you.
  • Lighting – Fluorescent or LED
  • Installation – Your space needs to allow 8-10 inches around. This would not be the best choice for a floor to ceiling installation

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