What are the finishing options for large format printing?

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What are the finishing options for large format printing?

There are a variety of finishing options for large format graphics. Therefore, when deciding on finishing- location, size, application, etc. must be taken into account.

Often, when installing large graphics, a custom hanging system will already be in place (ie. billboards), or need to be produced. If this is the case there is usually a diagram specifying finishing instructions. If there isn’t a system in place then a site survey could be preformed to be sure the appropriate finishing is used to achieve a perfect installation. Duggal has talented and experienced installers available to conduct site survey in order to help you chose the right option for your project.

The most common finishing methods are pole pockets and/ or grommets.

Pole pockets are tubes that are created in the graphic by folding the print back onto itself and sewing the two sections together creating a pocket. Poles can then be inserted through the pocket and be used for hanging or stretching.

NOTE: Though a pole pocket may only be required on the top of a graphic to attach hanging hardware, the bottom should also be finished with a weight. The extra weight and rigidity from the lower pocket pulls and straightens the banner for a clear presentation. Sometimes pockets are also used for fold over media that wraps around large frame structures such as billboards, wallscapes, or large framing units.

Grommets are small metal rings that are placed a short distance within the graphic. These are often used with rope, elastic, bungee cords, to attach the graphic to structure or hanging system.

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