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What Gallery-Quality Printing Really Means


What Gallery-Quality Printing Really Means

There’s printing, and then there’s gallery-quality printing. The latter is viewed much more intimately and with an eye for detail. In turn, gallery-quality printing warrants higher-end technology and deeper expertise than does standard commercial printing.

Gallery-Quality Printing for Curators

While every museum or gallery curator has their own eye for art, the appreciation for a beautifully reproduced piece is universal. For example, Roy Colmer’s Doors, NYC (1975-1976) project required precise detail to truly capture the imagery. The Lisson Gallery chose Duggal Visual Solutions to ensure each image, despite its small size, was printed not only accurately, but astoundingly. 

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Cheryl Hazan also utilized Duggal’s services in her display of Clodagh’s unique Vibrachrome print collection. Vibrachrome is a uniquely durable and vibrant metal print available only from Duggal and its online storefront, Shop Duggal. In Hazan’s case, we assisted with the execution of 64 white metal Vibrachrome prints. 

Colmer and Hazan are two of the many curators who prioritize gallery-quality printing with Duggal.


For Artists

If you are managing your own exhibition—which many independent artists do—you can work directly with one of Duggal’s consultants to turn your “Vision to Visuals.” It’s the slogan that encapsulates everything we do, particularly when it comes to serving artists.

Reka Nyari’s Ink Stories on view at BlackBook Presents. Nyari has been working with Duggal’s Hillary Altman for nearly a decade.


For Viewers

Upon entering a gallery, viewers seek that sublime feeling of being immersed in an image. We see it as our job to deliver the experience element that makes art so special. Next time you step into a gallery, take note of the print quality as well as the means by which an image is displayed. Our gallery plexi mounts, for example, give a unique floating effect to the image. Paired with a high-definition photo print, the elegance is simply stunning.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), co-chair of the Senate Ocean Caucus, and photographer Keith Ellenbogen in front of one of Ellebogen’s gallery plexi series of marine wildlife off the coast of New England.


Gallery-Quality Printing from Duggal

Duggal combines state-of-the-art technology, high-end materials and an inventive approach to achieve gallery-quality printing at its finest. We believe in the power of art and the importance of reproducing an image with integrity, craftsmanship and care. Learn more.