What is Contract GMG Proofing?

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What is Contract GMG Proofing?

What is it for?

Any offset printer uses a “CONTRACT PROOF” to match content and color on press. That includes commercial printers and publication printers. Duggal provides SWOP (Web presses standard) and Gracol (Sheet fed presses standard) for any type of press and any type of paper (coated, uncoated, board etc.) The system can create cantone and dot proofing. Dot proofing simulates the pattern of the printing press.

The proofs are generated from final files to be printed and once the customer approves by signature, they become a contractual commitment for the printer to follow and match within certain tolerances accepted in the industry.

During the last decade, with the introduction and acceptance of a process called DTP (direct to plate) where printing plates are made from files imposed directly to aluminum plates without the need of film, digital processes were introduced to proof via digital and ink jet printers. Today this is the only accepted way of proofing.

In order to be extremely accurate with color intended for specific presses and specific papers, very complex software packages were developed. Duggal has acquired one of the most advanced and sophisticated systems for this ability. It consists of a 64” wide Epson inkjet printer, a verification system and a complete software package including the advanced dot simulation plug in.

What does it do?

The system generates proofs for the following applications:

Commercial offset- simulating the press gain, the shade of white of the paper, the way PMS colors will translate into 4 color process or the way they will look on paper as spot colors.

Publication web printing- any ad submitted to a publication must have a contract proof attached. If the proof is according to the specifications of publisher’s specifications, there is an excellent chance that the reproduction in the publication will be of excellent quality. Each publication has different specifications: size, total ink density, line screen, etc.  The proofing system will generate proofs complying to the specifications.

Verification- after completion the color strip printed on the proof is scanned and the system checks the values comparing them to the standard required. Then it generates an acceptance label with the scanned values. We will affix the label on the back of the proof for printer reference and reassurance of standard.