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What Makes a Great Packaging Label? 3 Pieces That Stick


What Makes a Great Packaging Label? 3 Pieces That Stick

Did you know that 72% of Americans choose products based on packaging design? That means packaging is not only the first thing they see, but also the driving force in their buying decisions. Within the world of packaging, the pressure sensitive, adhesive backed label is a tried-and-true solution to make your packaging stand out on store shelves. Use it to achieve any or all of the following:

Creative Design
Duggal makes professional packaging labels with unique shapes, sizes and materials, from foil to clear to custom-cut. For example, this opaque, kiss cut Moustache label makes for a humorous window treatment.

Simplified Selling Points
In consumer goods and personal care products, the label is crucial for conveying unique selling propositions. However, the design still needs to breathe, giving the consumer space to take in the text. An effective, informative label will usually focus on one to three key messages, perhaps listed as bullet points.

Brand Recognition
For large and well-known brands, a simple logo says it all. A sheet of 100 small, kiss cut labels gets a new design off the ground for American Airlines, strengthening corporate identity across multiple products.

Looking for packaging labels and other solutions to showcase your products in their best light? Explore Duggal Packaging Comp Division and speak with an expert today.