What to Look for in a Retouching Agency

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What to Look for in a Retouching Agency

Independent photographers must plan not only their photo shoots, but also post-production. The challenge is finding enough time in the day to get clients, conduct shoots, handle communications, manage administrative tasks—and we haven’t even gotten to the tedious and time-consuming art of retouching. To make your life a little easier, consider hiring a retouching agency. Here’s a quick guide to choosing one of the many retouching agencies out there.

View Their Portfolio

A portfolio is a retouching agency’s most telling asset. Most agencies have a portfolio online, with additional entries that they will show you in person. When reviewing retouching agency portfolios, consider the breadth of their work, how long they’ve been open, how many of their clients are repeat clients, and positive feedback from clients (aka testimonials). At this point in the process, try to narrow down your search to two or three agencies.

Have a Creative Discussion

Once you think you’ve found the agency you want to work with, set up a meeting or phone call to make sure they are able to grasp exactly what you’re asking from their retouching team. The best retouching agencies are able to not only map out a project, but also provide their recommendations, quickly and confidently.

Ask for a Logistics Plan

Once you know the agency can creatively handle your vision, it’s important for you to gain a clear understanding of the budget and timeline. Obtain a written quote for the service and check that this document provides insight on anything and everything within the course of the project that could affect the process and/or final cost. Also look for project milestones and a drop-down completion date (or date range, at least).

Above and Beyond a Retouching Agency

Duggal Visual Solutions has a dedicated retouching studio staffed with experienced retouching artists. If you’re looking for a retouching agency, consider Duggal not only for post-production, but also many other aspects of bringing your imagery to life in new and exciting ways. We are a printer, display manufacturer, digital and interactive signage producer, content provider, post-production house, fulfillment operation and installation team in one. That might sound a little overwhelming, so we encourage you to start by learning more about our retouching services. Then, continue browsing the rest of our website for additional services that might fit your creative vision.