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What’s for Breakfast? Let’s Start with Coconut Water

DVS Project

What’s for Breakfast? Let’s Start with Coconut Water

Coconut water is in, and Vita Coco is the “it” brand attracting celebrity superfans and converting consumers from sodas and soft drinks to the natural, nutrient-packed alternative.

While Vita Coco’s original coconut water has become a staple in bodegas and grocery stores globally, the uncrowned king of the coconut continues to evolve not only its offerings, but also the beverage, nutrition—and now, breakfast—industries all at once. The Better Breakfast Club is a collective of friends and family who share Vita Coco’s love for a healthful first meal of the day. Recipes from various health influencers make Vita Coco products including the classic coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil the key ingredients in delicious smoothies, parfaits, light bites and full spreads.

To bring the Better Breakfast Club front and center at a special event, Duggal Visual Solutions produced hundreds of high-touch recipe books using its HP Indigo 12000HD digital press. Duggal’s Ryan Shorr—who consults with Vita Coco for ongoing projects—saw that every detail was executed beautifully, from design and branding to material selection, trimming and binding. See photos below and browse Better Breakfast Club recipes online.