What's New! Features of CS5

Creative Suite 5 offers unparalleled performance and productivity upgrades throughout the entire range of Adobe’s intuitive application line up.  Native support for 64-bit processing enables designers to fully utilize their system memory to complete their projects faster. Inter-connectivity between numerous CS5 applications also streamlines projects from concept to completion.

Now lets shed some light on why upgrading to CS5 will boost your projects and productivity to the next level!

Photoshop- Phenomenal painting effects with the new mixer brush allow for realistic on-canvas color blending. The innovative bristle tips function allows you to edit respective brush stiffness, shapes, and lengths. The content-aware fill allows for efficient removal of objects that are intelligently filled with surrounding background elements. An intuitive method to carefully crop hair and other complex elements within a scene is a breeze now by utilizing the selection tool and the refine edge function to achieve your desired results. The puppet warp is an exciting new feature that allows for the manipulation of elements that can be moved around and warped such as adjusting arms and legs of a subject, for instance. Superior HDR image enhancements give you complete control to adjust noise and other elements to create fantastic HDR scenes and portraits with the incorporation of HDR Pro.

Illustrator- offers a multitude of workflow enhancements and new features as well. The width tool is an exciting new feature that gives you the ability to adjust individual stroke widths to enhance your designs quickly and efficiently that also seamlessly tapers the ends that connect to nearby strokes. New drawing enhancements give you unparalleled control over your designs. The draw behind tool focuses on efficiently generating content behind the selected object, while the draw inside tool limits the range to simply inside the selection. Perspective drawing gives the designer substantial control over the proportionate dynamics of drawing in perspective by utilizing perspective grid features. Multiple art board sizes can be effortlessly included within a single project as well.

InDesign- has been armed with a few new features that make tackling your next design project a breeze and help you stay ahead of the curve. You can now create eBooks and digital magazines for devices such as the Apple iPod and slew of other gear by utilizing the Issue format. Page sizes can now be of varying sizes giving you maximum flexibility to meet your design needs. A new image caption feature automatically generates captions by simply pulling the information from available meta-data.  The new gap tool allows you to modify the gap between two objects simultaneously instead of spending time to individually select the objects.

Adobe CS5 offers compelling reasons to upgrade. Designers will surely enjoy the benefits of all the new features and enhancements. The impressive performance boost provided by native 64-bit support cannot be taken for granted.  Whether you are looking for a way to efficiently create demanding vector based projects or cannot wait to produce digital content for the latest and greatest gadgets, look at what CS5 can offer you.

Feel free to let us know of any of your new favorite tools or features as well!