WhiskyX Brooklyn 2018: (Green)house of Whisky


WhiskyX Brooklyn 2018: (Green)house of Whisky

How do you take your whisky?

At the second annual WhiskyX produced by iGo Marketing, the answer to that question would have been in a large glass house with world-class food pairings, live music, fellow whisky drinkers—and more whisky.

New York City’s most impassioned whisky festival came to the Duggal Greenhouse for its 2018 event, featuring more than 60 premium whisky brands. Brooklyn’s top chefs and hippest food trucks served culinary masterpieces to the tune of pop band Wild Child as the SXSW Best Folk Band and Best Indie Band performed on stage.

Men’s barber club Blind Barber provided fresh cuts on site, while the WhiskyX Cigar Lounge offered aficionado whisky and cigar pairings. Brand ambassadors, distillery reps and borderline-famous bartenders made sure everyone had a glass in their hand at all times. Make no mistake, though: this was not a drunken bunch, but rather, a seasoned, sophisticated gathering for true fans of the craft.

To learn more about the Duggal Greenhouse: www.duggalgreenhouse.com.

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