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Why Digital Agencies Love Duggal


Why Digital Agencies Love Duggal

Duggal Visual Solutions supports the world’s leading advertising, design and digital agencies with their large-format printing needs—and our role doesn’t just begin when it comes time to hit print. 

Our legacy as a world-renowned graphics provider has allowed us to establish long-term relationships with agencies in New York and around the globe, positioning us in many cases as more of an advisor than a printer.

Visual Solutions for the Modern Digital Agency

There remains a common misconception that digital agencies are large, Mad Men-era-type corporations with several layers of approvals and stakeholders. And while that may have been predominantly true in the days of Don Draper, today’s agencies are generally smaller and nimbler, making project budgets, scopes and timelines more competitive and truncated. 

Partnering with Duggal is an efficient, cost-effective way to supplement your internal efforts while gaining the valuable expertise and production of an established leader in visual communication.

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Call on Duggal for Your Next Project

Our staff comprises artists and experts skilled in a variety of media—from graphic designers to production specialists to brand strategists. Leveraging decades of experience supporting a diverse range of clients, we understand the intricacies of the marketing and advertising world, and we assist agencies with a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • Proper installation technique and strategy
  • Sizing recommendations based on media placement and target audience
  • Materials and creative input based on the objective of a given piece 
  • Unique solutions for high-impact brand messaging

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