Why Digital Prints Are Ideal for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Why Digital Prints Are Ideal for Creative Entrepreneurs

Don’t believe for a second that print is dead. It is very much alive, and in the new age of digital prints, it’s taken on a life form that makes professional printing for creative entrepreneurs more efficient than ever.

For all of the freelance graphic designers, painters, photographers, architects and Etsy professionals out there, we bet you’ve encountered a project where the costs and timelines for traditional print fulfillment felt impossible. Enter digital prints.

Digital Prints Reduce Much of the Labor Required for Traditional Printing

Although a single physical page of a digital print can be more expensive than a single page of other traditional print forms, the real cost saver is in the amount of labor required to produce the prints themselves. For instance, in traditional offset printing methods, a huge chunk of the budget is put toward creating the printing plates, which then must be managed by physical labor throughout the duration of the print. These factors increase both the cost of production and the timeline.

Whereas with digital prints, you gain the following advantages:

  1. Faster turnaround time due to digital prints being an on-demand solution.
  2. More affordable to produce lower quantities.

Never Sacrificing Quality 

As John Lasseter, former Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios once said, “Quality is the best business plan.” At Duggal, we couldn’t agree more, and believe that going the route of digital prints should not come at the expense of the quality you’d find from more traditional styles. By using lasers, digital prints are exposed onto true, light sensitive photographic paper and then processed in photographic developers and fixers. That’s a fancy way of saying that your product will be delivered with a continuous tone in image detail. Moreover, since no lens is used on the print, there will be no “vignetting,” or detail distortion anywhere on the image.

  1. Digital Prints Offer Unique Customization

Lastly, you might be looking for print solutions that allow you to have the utmost creative ownership of the work, to match the vision you initially crafted.

Inkjet productions and reproductions allow artists to take control of the final color correction. This is not always the case with more traditional print styles. Digital prints can also serve as step one in a larger production process. We’ve seen artists take their digital prints and experiment with adding various textures and elements on top to create a “mixed-media” piece. This is a growing trend in 2018, as print competes with the ever-growing uniqueness of digital artwork.

A Partner You Can Trust

Duggal has a legacy of more than 50 years serving creatives with their printing needs. We pride ourselves on helping you create the best art possible, while meeting your expectations and timeline.

Get in touch with a print specialist today to learn which types of digital prints might be best for you!