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Why Shop Duggal is One of the Best Online Photo Printing Services for 2019


Why Shop Duggal is One of the Best Online Photo Printing Services for 2019

Consumers use online photo printing services because they’re on-demand, customizable, cost-effective and completely digital. Duggal has taken these benefits to heart, creating one of the best online photo printing services for 2019 in Shop Duggal.


By the time you’re ready to buy photo prints online, you likely have your photos ready to go. With Shop Duggal, you can choose your paper type, size, quantity and mounting options all in just a few clicks. Most of our prints ship within three business days, though some options such as metal prints and canvas prints may take up to six business days. Regardless, your prints will be on the way quickly.


We’ve already mentioned the main ways you can customize your prints, and there are multiple options within each.

  • Paper Choices:
    • Matte
    • Glossy
    • Deep Matte (Velvet)
    • Metallic
  • Sizing Options:
    • We offer over 70 sizing options in the following templates.
      • Square
      • Horizonal
      • Vertical
      • Panoramic
  • Quantity:
    • No minimum.
    • No maximum.
  • Mounting:
    • Floating Gallery Plexi: Best for gallery presentations.
    • Standard: Lightjet printed, mounted and framed ~ ½ inch off the wall.
    • Premium: Top-notch framing option. Great for gallery or home.


While costs for a custom print can vary, the amount you spend is in your control, thanks to the customization involved. Shop Duggal has experts who can help you find the right print(s) for your needs and budget. We understand that budget generally dictates a project’s direction, but we feel confident that we can help you achieve an end-product you’ll love for a price you can afford.


Using Shop Duggal’s online platform to create your custom order, you can skip the trip to the print shop. It’s all done online and delivered to your doorstep. Ready to get started? Let’s create your first print!