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Why We Use UV Inks


Why We Use UV Inks

UV inks are a relatively new solution in the world of printing, and one that we have adopted wholeheartedly here at Duggal Visual Solutions as part of our environmentally friendly approach to producing graphics and artwork at scale.

Not only are UV inks every bit as effective as solvent inks, but they are also more sustainable, leaving a near-zero carbon footprint. Read on to learn more.

The Hazards of Solvent Inks

Solvent inks evaporate into the air and release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are hazardous to humans and the earth alike. Additionally, solvent inks often require sprays to aid in drying them. These inks slowly absorb into the paper they’re printed on, which can take days upfront and also detract from the colors over time. Conventional inks are not compatible with certain substrates, and therefore cannot be printed on materials like plastic, foil, or acrylics.


Benefits of Quick-Drying UV Inks

During the drying process, UV inks dry photo-mechanically from exposure to ultraviolet light, which turns them immediately from a liquid to a solid state with very little evaporation. Almost no absorption occurs with UV inks, meaning you can print on virtually any material. The need for costly coatings also “evaporates” with UV inks, thanks to the fact that they dry on contact.


Environmental Commitment

Drawing from resources such as Natural Step and Life Cycle Analysis, Duggal’s sustainability initiative lays a framework for green product development and printing processes. Our eco-friendly solutions allow us to offer alternatives that meet and exceed industry standards. We are raising the bar for the graphics industry to adopt environmentally responsible practices and reduce our collective ecological footprint.

UV inks are used across all of Duggal’s printing facilities to make it easy for our clients to make the sustainable choice. If you’re interested in completing your next print project using the latest, greatest and greenest printing technology, contact us today to get started.