‘Winter in New York’ Through the Lens of Don Doherty


‘Winter in New York’ Through the Lens of Don Doherty

The weather might be frightful, but the scenery in New York City in winter is beyond delightful.

Don Doherty captures New York in all its snowy glory in a new book aptly titled, Winter in New York. Truly a labor of love, the book features more than 30 full-page images – many previously unreleased – with accompanying narratives. Doherty picked up the idea of publishing a book from friends and family, bringing the concept to Duggal Visual Solutions for material consultancy and production. Duggal’s Hope Savvides helped the photographer choose the ideal paper and binding for a sophisticated, artisan-made fine art photo book that evokes the same classic New York City aura as the photos inside.

“Simultaneously, I began researching software to lay out the book, and settled on InDesign after trial and error and some timely advice from Hope,” Doherty explained. “I learned the software through videos on YouTube, and consulted a friend, George Mathew, who had some previous experience with it. I had George straighten out a few nagging design issues I struggled with, and by the end of November, the design and writing came together and I was ready for a test print.”

Immediately upon receiving the first sample book, Doherty knew Duggal had delivered in every facet of creative services and production.

“The material selection was crucial to the success of the book. It looked every bit as good as I had hoped,” Doherty said. “I ended up rewriting a few pages and making some unexpected design changes before submitting my final version the next day. Hope took the edits in stride, and I have since received overwhelmingly positive feedback as I work through selling my first run of 100 copies. I am already down to about 30!”

Doherty thanks Savvides for her guidance and expertise, saying, “She was absolutely invaluable through the entire production process, and gave me the confidence I needed to see the project through.”

To view and follow Doherty’s work, visit his Instagram page. You can also email him directly at donwdoherty@gmail.com to order your copy of Winter in New York.