Xu Zhen’s ‘Under Heaven’ Artwork Adorns Citi Bike

Curators’ Corner

Xu Zhen’s ‘Under Heaven’ Artwork Adorns Citi Bike


Ever experience art in motion? Try riding it when The Armory Show teams up with Citi Bike, the bicycle sharing system that serves New York City. This year, The Armory Show commissioned artist Xu Zhen for their annual art fair at Piers 92 and 94. Citi Bike went along for the ride, offering to adorn 10 bicycles with condensed versions of Zhen’s Under Heaven artwork.

Each day, the Armory is offering free admission to the first 20 riders who arrive at the exhibit with a post on social media that includes a photo of the bike using the #ArmoryShow14 hashtag. Eight of the 10 decorated bikes will be available for public use at the Citi Bike docks closest to the art fair. The remaining two moveable art pieces will be showcased at the exhibit.

Ride along from March 6-9.