Your Art Gallery Announces Pop-Up Gallery Event

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Your Art Gallery Announces Pop-Up Gallery Event

The first online art gallery of its kind, Your Art Gallery will be hosting a pop-up gallery featuring the work of some of its participating artists starting on Thursday, November 19th and running through January 31st, 2016 at Duggal Visual Solutions, 29 West 23rd Street in NYC.

Your Art Gallery is designed to be the premier location for artists and art lovers to buy, sell and share art.  Artists simply upload, describe and price their work. Your Art Gallery takes care of everything else from production to fulfillment, depositing the artists’ commissions directly into their accounts.

YAG_Bartlomiej Kut 3

For art buyers the site provides unprecedented choices to find exactly the type of image they are looking for, at the size they want it, and at a price point that works for them.  Gone is the middleman gallery owner that tells you what to think and like, and charges inordinate fees to artists and buyers alike.  Now users have the power and tools to find the perfect work of art.

YAG_Malike_Rooftop View of NYC

At Your Art Gallery, photographers and artists can build an online portfolio of work and reach an extensive audience of potential buyers.  Those in the market for fine photography and art will find the online gallery presents them with a variety of image genres, with custom fine art prints available in various sizes to suit their needs. Additionally, Your Art Gallery mounts images or frames images in hand made frames so they arrive ready to enjoy. No pre-fabricated frames are used.

YAG_Jason Johnson

The pop-up gallery, being held at the headquarters of Your Art Gallery’s esteemed print provider Duggal Visual Solutions, will give the public a chance to view in a brick and mortar environment, some of the fine artwork being offered on the website.

YAG_Michael Jinks

Your Art Gallery is poised for extraordinary growth in the coming months.  Interest from pre-launch participants, or ‘artists-in-residence,’ is rising at a steady pitch, as is awareness from potential buyers, collectors and curators.

YAG_Jevgenijs Scolokovs

Please stop by the opening event on Thursday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m. at Duggal Visual Solutions, 29 West 23rd Street in NYC.

For more information, please contact