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Your Stores Will Reopen! Will You Be Ready?


Your Stores Will Reopen! Will You Be Ready?

Luxury fashion brand Hermès reportedly brought in $2.7 million in sales on the day its Guangzhou flagship store reopened after the coronavirus lockdown. The figure, believed to be the highest daily haul for a single boutique in China, instills a positive reminder during this difficult time.

For large brands, venues, museums and organizations, the question is not whether you will reopen, but rather, what you are doing to be ready when the time to reopen arrives. How will you maintain a safe environment? What will you need to communicate to customers? How will you adhere to the new normal while continuing to elevate your brand? 

Duggal Visual Solutions recently hosted a live webinar to answer these questions and provide inspiration. With a full attendance of 200 decision-makers in customer experience, experts from the Duggal InnoLab presented beautiful photographs and mock-ups illustrating how leading and luxe brands can envision the age of social distancing through a creative lens, including:

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Download the full presentation and contact us to learn more. Duggal is an essential business ready to reimagine, redesign and reopen your stores together.