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4 Types of CGI That Leading Brands Are Investing in Right Now


4 Types of CGI That Leading Brands Are Investing in Right Now

CGI, or computer-generated imagery, has created a new wave in graphic design and animation for retail. Functioning as a CGI post house within Duggal Visual Solutions, Duggal Studios creates realistic 3D imagery that can be viewed from any perspective in any environment, from e-commerce to the in-store experience. CGI comes in many shapes, styles and forms, including:

A carefully crafted computer model captures and reflects every detail of an object, leading to complete creative control across every application. Brands choose Duggal Studios to develop this foundational asset with meticulous measurement and accuracy. Take a look.

Texturing & Rendering
The crown jewel of CGI is that perfect final render. Whether your brand calls for the photorealistic or stylized, Duggal Studios’ artists deploy a multitude of refined processes and techniques to bring your CGI vision to its fullest potential. See an example of a diamond watch rendering for Macy’s.


Visual Effects
Next-level visual effects (VFX) go far beyond simulations. Aside from creating environmental elements, VFX provide almost supernatural opportunities to direct those elements as if they were actors. Duggal Studios navigates the algorithms and equations, contributing an extra level of control to your production. This candle from Bath & Body Works glows with animated VFX flames.

Advertising agencies and creative teams need a low-stakes way to explore high-end results. By bringing Duggal Studios into the early stages of your ideation, we can pre-visualize and prototype simple and complex concepts alike, allowing you to think creatively and viably at the same time. Pre-visualization was essential in a recent Duggal Studios project with luxury luggage brand Briggs & Riley.

When we designate an image for CGI, there are several steps in the post-production process required to transform it into 3D, including technical drawing, wire framing and form shading, design and illustration, final rendering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) format conversion, and, finally, practical application. Duggal Studios manages every step in-house. Learn more about our photography, design, motion and CGI post house.