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Disney x Coach: Celebrating 75 Years of American Fashion and Pop Culture

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Disney x Coach: Celebrating 75 Years of American Fashion and Pop Culture

How better to celebrate a birthday than with the world’s most beloved mascot?

Coach’s 75th anniversary brings a nostalgic twist to high-end fashion with the Disney x Coach collection, starring the one and only Mickey Mouse.

Disney x Coach

“I’ve always seen Mickey as a playful rebel at heart and a timeless symbol of joy and creativity,” said Coach creative director, Stuart Vevers. “That spirit reinforces the new youthful perspective we are bringing to luxury at Coach.”

Disney x Coach 345759_HKP_RED_MICKEY_REF

Many brands have partnered with Disney in the past, but Coach’s execution was truly remarkable. The buzz surrounding Disney x Coach had spread so far and so quickly prior to release that many of the limited-edition, Mickey-marked items sold out of stores instantly.

Disney x Coach Mickey Bag

Even with the PR, a successful release day was largely dependent on a thoughtful and synchronized brick-and-mortar rollout, which Coach left in the hands of trusted graphics partner, Duggal Visual Solutions. Mark Wenger, a VP at Duggal, consulted with the Coach merchandising team to orchestrate the worldwide Disney x Coach in-store release through a tireless, globe-spanning process.

Disney x Coach Store Front

Disney x Coach Store Front Close Up

On the eve of release, the exteriors of 118 Coach boutiques in the U.S., Japan and China saw a large-scale Mickey Mouse transformation. Duggal took great care of Mickey in every way, analyzing the facade of each building to ensure the precise dimensions were met and the iconic character’s personality was captured. This required precise site surveys and renderings, with exceptional installation and site management to check and double check how each image would be impacted by building struts, I-beams, overhangs and windows.

Disney x Coach Red and Yellow Mickey

Disney x Coach Columbus Circle

Once a store sold out, Duggal then mobilized for a seamless de-installation. Between the volume, magnitude and reach, the Disney x Coach rollout is undoubtedly one of our brightest retail highlights yet. Congratulations to Coach on a brilliant new product line capped off by a phenomenal unveiling.

Disney x Coach Columbus Circle night