Digital Signage & Creative Studio | Print Shops NYC

Digital Signage
& Creative Studio

  • Source, install, network and maintain LCD Screen and LED wall installs
  • Successfully managed 1000+ digital signage rollout
  • Create, edit and format content for digital displays
  • Design, program and implement interactive experiences
  • Fabricate custom housings and displays for digital screens
Digital Signage
  • Full digital studio for product and model shots
  • Camera and lighting equipment on premises
  • Full kitchen, lounge and work station area
  • Natural and artificial light options
Digital Photo Studio
  • Produce wireframes of objects
  • Skin wireframes with finishes desired
  • Provide full motion and rotation capabilities of CGI art
  • Retouch finished items into backgrounds
CGI Animation
  • Retouch product and model images
  • Enhance color and file setting for optimal print reproduction
  • Create mechanicals and layouts
  • Integrate CGI elements and retouching
Image Retouching
  • Photograph, retouch and optimize images for web display
  • Create video animations for social media
  • Create animated and video advertisements for web
  • Create, edit and format content for digital displays
Video & Web Content (Animation)
  • Design, draw and render fixtures and displays
  • Layout and create artwork for print and web
  • Design, draw and 3-D render complete environments
  • Utilize engineering and modeling software
  • Storyboard web animations and promotional videos
Design Services
  • Complete concept to completion service
  • Develop custom technological solutions
  • Integrates multimedia and cross platform projects
  • Integrates digital signage, content and display fabrication
  • Robust project management and category expertise
Innovation Lab
Worldwide Fulfillment & Installations
Multiple Mediums? Multiple Solutions.
  • Duggal has been a pioneer in the digital signage space for nearly two decades, bringing ground- breaking interactive innovations to market.
  • A one-stop-shop offering top-of-the-line technology and solutions.
  • Duggal manages global digital signage networks, from solution architecture and system integration, to sourcing, installing and maintaining digital screens and media players, and creating, formatting, broadcasting, and managing content.
  • Duggal is registered direct distributor for LG, Samsung and Phillips products, offering you the right solution while avoiding unnecessary mark-ups of resellers.
The artistry of a creative studio meets the impact of a global powerhouse.
Digital Studio

Video and still digital capture of products and models are available in both our on-site studios, and in the field.

Creative Studio

Offering everything from image retouching and mechanical production, to CGI animation and video editing.

Innovation Lab

A multi-service division offering design services and renderings to bring your concepts to life.


Integrating interactive functionality with NFC, touch or motion-based technologies.


Partner with our fabrication and printing divisions for compelling integrated digital display units or kiosks.

digital signage duggal
Deeply Ingrained Focus on Innovation and Quality.
In the Best Hands

Powered by our team of in-house experts and over 30 production artists.

Best of Both Worlds

Boutique service experience coupled with industrial scale production.

Simple, not Suspenseful

We provide an intuitive online portal you can integrate with the workflow and software you already use internally, for complete visibility of our progress.

Efficient Means Economical

Our processes are designed to make immersive visual content accessible, approachable and attainable, while forming lasting partnerships.

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