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Up Your Brand’s Social Media Content


Up Your Brand’s Social Media Content

Social media has long been essential in the brand marketer’s toolkit, and the coronavirus pandemic only furthered the need for brands to engage and entertain their audiences online. As marketing teams continue to work remotely, social media represents an opportunity for a brand to not only sustain its efforts, but also elevate the quality and creativity of its content. Here are a few ways to do so:

Custom Photography

Many consumers see right through stock images. While stock photography may be a necessary piece of your visual strategy, a shift to true brand photography can elevate both the aesthetic and engagement on your social pages. Followers like (literally and figuratively) unique content that speaks to your brand, and, in turn, embodies their own self-expression as brand loyalists.

Estee Lauder | Shade Range GIF from Duggal Studios on Vimeo.


Visual Effects

Adding motion graphics to your strategy can yield tremendous returns. Some statistics show GIFs receive 50% more engagement than static graphics. Do they take time and energy to create? Of course. However, remember that a little bit of premium content goes a long way. Even turning one out of every five posts into an animation is enough to get started.

Vogue – Rag & Bone Storefront Display from Duggal Studios on Vimeo.


Video Production

Speaking of user engagement, video is perhaps the king of content. One source suggests people retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when they read it in text. Video content and motion graphics can and should cross paths in your repertoire. For example, your next three scheduled posts could include a “talking head” video snippet, a stop motion graphic, and a static image—an instant upgrade from simply three static images.

Briggs & Riley | 2020 Brand Video from Duggal Studios on Vimeo.



The brands that excel on social media nurture a creative, collaborative environment within to develop thoughtful content that consumers can’t go without. Not only does it keep viewers engaged; it also keeps the production team inspired. Looking for a boost to your social content? Duggal Studios can assist with all of the above, completely remotely and in tune with the personnel you have in place. Explore the possibilities.