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1st of its kind in N. America- Custom Storefront Design!

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1st of its kind in N. America- Custom Storefront Design!

Crystals at City Center showcases an unparalleled array of the world’s most exclusive retailers.

Crystals is a magnificent gathering place that welcomes guests on a journey through couture, cuisine and entertainment as they enjoy the interactive atmosphere set within an abstract 21st century park.

The unprecedented collection of renowned retailers, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Roberto Cavalli and TOM FORD, paired with one-of-kind galleries from artists such as Dale Chihuly and signature restaurants from Wolfgang Puck and celebrity restaurateur Eva Longoria Parker redefine the traditional shopping experience.

To create a Cannage (multi layered) patterned storefront in Las Vegas City Center at the “Crystals”. This would be a first of its kind in North America and would then roll into all current and future storefronts.

The store front at the “Crystals” was made up of seamless layers of Starphire Glass  (PPG’s Starphire® Ultra-Clear glass offers the ultimate in brilliant transparency for vision glass, atriums, storefronts and entryways. Manufactured with a proprietary low-iron formulation, Starphire glass is available in standard and extra-heavy thicknesses of 15 and 19 millimeters. Because of its unmatched clarity, Starphire glass provides exceptional color fidelity as a harmonizing element for spandrel glass.

The storefront and side was composed of 18 panels of glass- 9 sheets that were 16.75’ high.

The design consisted of 3 layers of graphic arts film and 2 layers of glass
Rear Layer Starphire Glass – First surface consisted of Black Sign Vinyl with a series of intricate holes at various diameters cut (stenciled out) – the larger holes formed the  “Cannage Pattern” (almost impossible to see at close distance)

Second Surface- of the same pane of the above glass was treated with an Avery Light Control film 30 % which allows 70% of light to pass (to create diffusion of light source and the appearance of a bright white background)

Front Layer Starphire Glass – After extensive testing and Dior Flying in from Paris we created the Cannage Pattern on a second surface clear Lintec Film – (The goal was to craft a color temperature that would neutralize the greenish tint of the glass being used in the storefront)

Lighting- More than 50,000 watts of Bartco Lighting was placed on vertical struts supported by a Unistrut – behind two layers of glass.

Dior’s Cannage pattern details:
Dior has always been known for its Cannage quilted pattern design – reminiscent of the pattern in Cane Chairs

Installation- The complexity of the installation was the size of the glass panes, and the critical (almost impossible to see pattern matching).
Lintec layer was installed with the glass placed horizontally on its side – all panes were placed on 1” wood blocks to aid in application
The Avery Light Control film and the Black perforated vinyl was installed with the glass in place – using a series of scaffolding and lifts.

Complexity of installation- Our goal was not to have any of the Avery Light Control film seams fall in the center of a perforated circle and to match the Cannage patterns on both layers, (one and two of the glass) – very difficult to achieve with almost no light in the storefront and working less than 3 feet back behind a curtain.

When all layers are perfectly aligned the pattern comes into focus.

We spent over 16 days installing to reach the level of perfection our client was trying to achieve.