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2012 Altpick Awards


2012 Altpick Awards

Duggal Visual Solutions is a proud sponsor of the 8th Annual Altpick Awards.

The categories for this years contest included illustration, photography, design and multi-media and was open to illustrators, photographers, designers and new media artists as well creative directors, art directors and producers.

The winners will be receiving prizes from Wacom, Agency Access, Blick,, SmugMug and Duggal. CLICK HERE to see the winners!

The voting process consisted of both a popular vote by the masses and a juried vote from a team of judges who are industry professionals from the advertising, publishing, editorial, design and entertainment industries.

Duggal is printing 16 digital c prints from 16″ x 20″ to 20″ x 24″ and doing gallery plexi mounts for 11 of the winning images. Stay tuned to see the winning images!

For more information, please contact at: 

Altpick Awards (212) 675-4176