3 Advantages of Matte Photo Prints

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3 Advantages of Matte Photo Prints

Matte photo prints have a defined place in printing photography, particularly for those seeking a softer, smoother appearance that minimizes glare. Before you go straight for those popular glossy prints, consider the advantages of matte prints.

What Makes Matte Photo Prints Unique and Useful?

  1. Matte’s anti-reflective characteristics make it better for framing. Glossy prints, by nature of their name, give off a gleam that can often compete with the glass protector of a frame. Meanwhile, matte photo prints are often accentuated when framed, because they do not cause a glare.
  2. If your desired appearance is more solemn, muted or perhaps mysterious, matte photo prints are the ideal choice. Glossy prints tend to evoke energy and optimism, due to the nature of their shine and vibrancy—great qualities if they’re what you’re going for, of course. By contrast, the minimalist attributes of a matte photo print tend to create a more dramatic tone.
  3. You are able to see much more detail in the photo of a matte print than a glossy print. This is because of the effect that the shine of a glossy print has on the eye. With less distraction, fine details are able to come through in a matte photo print. It’s for this reason that many architectural and portrait photographers prefer to use matte photo prints.

Matte Photo Prints at Duggal

Since matte photo prints are less common than printing photography on a glossy finish, trust Duggal to help you decide if matte photo paper is the right solution for your imagery. We’ve worked with thousands of photographers, creative entrepreneurs and hobbyists developing gorgeous matte photo prints. If you have an upcoming project or have existing photos you’d like to have printed on a matte finish, consult one of our experts today.