5 Signs You’re a Photographer in the Making


5 Signs You’re a Photographer in the Making

You don’t have to be a DSLR-slinging, tripod-carrying pro to be passionate about photography. Sure, if you want to make a living off of your images, you’ll eventually need to reach that level. But the best part of any creative outlet is the discovery phase – that grace period when intrigue becomes passion, and every day yields a new “Aha!” moment.

Here are 5 signs you might find your calling in photography:

You have more than one photo editing app.

The general population snaps mobile photos with little desire to poke away at a photo editing app. They might have their favorite Instagram filter, along with a few quick adjustments they know by rote, at most. Meanwhile, you constantly find yourself downloading the latest photo apps and tinkering with your images. Sometimes you don’t even post your edited photos on social media – you just enjoy the creative process and like having the edited photos to revisit at your leisure.


You’re always a few steps behind your friends.

Photographer Murad Ossman’s wildly popular “Follow Me” series on Instagram started when his girlfriend (now wife) began pulling him by the hand because he was always lagging behind taking pictures of the couple’s globetrotting adventures. Are you the same way when you’re out with friends? If so, it means that you genuinely enjoy taking photos.


© Murad Osmann

You’re beginning to capture moments.

Every image has a moment attached to it, even when you’re shooting a static object or a landscape. If you’re starting to seek moments rather than mere pictures, you’re beginning to have the eye of a photographer. You might even find your breakout moment in our annual Capture the Moment photo contest – check out last year’s winners here.


Your friends and family are asking for prints.

Your loved ones will always support and admire your creative endeavors. But when they legitimately want your images printed for their own household decorating, it means that you might really be pretty good at this photography thing. Imagine if you invested the time to study the art and learn the technology!


You want to learn more about photography.

An ongoing itch to learn a new technique or try a new gadget is a sure sign that you are a photographer at heart, and perhaps even a photographer in the making.


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