5 Timeless Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot

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5 Timeless Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot

Looking to save time during the photo editing process? There are a few simple tips that can help you do just that. As the American author and entrepreneur, Jim Rohn once said, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” Here are five ways to help make your next photography project a success.

1. Plan the mood you want to capture ahead of time.

Take time to brainstorm on what thoughts, feelings and messages you are trying to convey. Consider lighting, location and equipment ahead of time, and even go so far as to research the psychology behind the colors you want to incorporate. Unless the actual theme of your shoot is “impromptu,” plan first and adapt later.

2. Set an intention and stick to it.

Whatever you might be shooting, be deliberate with your intention for photographing it. What does your image mean or stand for? Consult your motive for every decision you make during the shoot, including lighting and composition.

3. Less is more.

There are occasional exceptions, but for the most part, just because there is an awesome plethora of cool filters and splash techniques does not mean you should use them. Negative space is more powerful than clutter. Props, surfaces and lighting will draw eyes in other directions. Keep your focus…focused.

4. A story lives within the frame.

Every single element of your shot will be scrutinized, so make them all matter. Remember your five senses, and eliminate anything that doesn’t elicit some sort of sensory reaction. As a photographer, your job is to tell a thousand words through one image. The story is in the details.

5. Print, scrutinize, and reprint.

Seeing your work in print is a much different experience than seeing it on a screen. Print your work and hold it up next to works that you admire (perhaps even past works of yours). Step back and analyze, and then edit accordingly. As one of New York City’s most fabled photo labs, Duggal Visual Solutions can help you with this process. Learn more about our photo printing services.