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5 Types of Sanitizer Stations for Stores, Offices and Public Spaces


5 Types of Sanitizer Stations for Stores, Offices and Public Spaces

Sanitizer stations are here to stay. Even as populations receive COVID-19 vaccines and the pandemic begins to subside, the new rituals ingrained—and the fact that we should really all, for our own good, try to keep our hands clean of germs as a best practice—give hand sanitizer newfound staying power. So, which sanitizer station is right for your environment?

Table-Top Sanitizer Enclosures
A table-top sanitizer dispenser is a simple, portable, standalone solution for office breakrooms, cashier stations, and other areas that might have more table or desk space than floor space.

Wall-Mounted Sanitizer Enclosures
Where both table and floor space are limited, Duggal’s sanitizer enclosures can instead be mounted to walls. Both the table-top and wall enclosures include customizable graphics.

Sanitizer Totem
Aside from safety, these freestanding sanitizer stations also put an emphasis on imagery, with plenty of real estate for branded graphics. Sanitizer totem fixtures are compatible with most standard sanitizer dispensers.

Pole Stand Sanitizer Station with Graphic
Signage encouraging hand hygiene and social distancing is also part of the new normal for the foreseeable future. Add an informative graphic atop a sanitizer dispenser, with a sleek, yet sturdy pole stand anchoring the display.

Temperature Check + Sanitizer Kiosk
Maintain two public health measures with one standalone kiosk. Our thermal temperature detection station simplifies temperature checks by combining face recognition and digital display technology. And, it has a built-in sanitizer dispenser, enabling the person being scanned to pass a temperature check and quickly cleanse their hands, simultaneously, before proceeding.

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