6 Early Signs of Spring to Photograph

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6 Early Signs of Spring to Photograph

If you’re like us, you can’t wait for spring to kick in. With longer days, mild temperatures and bright colors, it’s a season of bliss for photographers of all skill levels.

As you make your last winter photo excursions of the season, you might begin to notice a different feeling in the air. It’s not just you, and you’re not being overly optimistic. Spring really is in motion well before the April showers and May flowers. Use these six subtle signs of spring to thaw out your camera and warm up your creativity for the season to come:

Patches of Life

Skunk cabbage is one of spring’s early bloomers, sometimes peaking through snow even in February. The skunk cabbage’s flowers are able to produce their own heat from food stored the summer prior, allowing it to melt away snow cover faster than surrounding grass.


Image courtesy of carolynsshadegardens.com


The chirping of birds is a prelude to the official start of spring. These sounds really are music to the ears after a dark, cold winter, but why stop at listening from afar? Many people find birdwatching to be a relaxing and refreshing hobby, one that pairs perfectly with photography. Depending on where you are, you may even catch something spectacular like a hawk or owl. Follow your ears, perhaps grab a bird guide, and convert the staple sounds of spring into imagery.


Image courtesy of dos.ny.gov

Wet Snow

Unfortunately, snow is still very much a part of early spring in many places. But when snowfall turns from light and powdery to wet and heavy toward the end of winter, it means snow will soon be a distant memory until next year. A late season snowstorm can present the opportunity for unique late winter/early spring contrast shots, like ice-covered flower buds or birds on half-blooming branches.


Image courtesy of news.discovery.com

Tree and Flower Buds

Speaking of buds and blossoms, who could forget the telltale sign of spring? If you look really closely and consistently, you can see spring buds growing right before your eyes. These make for great macro shots.


Image courtesy of ecowatch.com 

A More Accessible Golden Hour

The golden hour may be longer during the winter, but it also comes with dropping temperatures and wind chill. As spring rolls around, you’ll notice that catching the morning or evening golden hour will no longer require layers of clothing and extra gear. Milder weather means you can not only catch more golden hours, but also use them more comfortably. Enjoy this magical, photogenic time of day.

 Spring Sunsets In Utah

Image courtesy of beyondthegoldenhour.com

Spring Training

Nothing says spring like baseball. Spring training takes place in Arizona and Florida beginning in mid-February. It’s definitely worth the trip for your favorite team, if not for the experience and photos then at least to get an early dose of warmth and sunlight.


Image courtesy of bostonherald.com

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