7 Apps Every Photographer Should Have

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7 Apps Every Photographer Should Have

If there’s a single phrase to describe the world we live in, it might very well be: “There’s an app for that.” Photographers in particular can take advantage of technology in virtually every area of business. From image editing to photo storage and accounting, here are 7 mobile apps no photographer should go without.

Yahoo! Weather

For: Reliable Forecasts

Knowing the weather can mean the difference between a perfect scene with soft clouds and running for cover during a thunderstorm. Yahoo! Weather, compatible with both Android and iOS, is easy and reliable. Real-time weather conditions are displayed against the backdrop of your actual location, with more detailed forecasts (along with radar, heat, and satellite maps) available as well.


The Photographer’s Ephemeris

For: Shot Planning

Whether it’s your first time shooting at an outdoor location or your fourth, The Photographer’s Ephemeris will help you to glimpse how natural light will fall on any outdoor scene, day or night, anywhere on Earth, ahead of time. That means you’ll waste less time experimenting with lighting and angles while on location.



For: Maximizing Your Mobile

Smartphones are powerful tools for photographers already, but imagine if they could sync up seamlessly with your SLR camera. Triggertrap allows you to ‘trigger’ your camera remotely through an app and supplemental kit that supports 350 camera designs. Note: Though the Triggertrap app is free, the media kit is not.


Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl)

For: Storing Shoots

As a professional photographer, you’re probably amassing hundreds of photos per shoot, which means you need a safe and secure place to store your images. Photo Gallery allows you to not only organize your photos, but edit and share them as well. It also integrates easily with both your computer and digital camera. Unfortunately, though, it is not currently compatible with new versions of Android.



For: Photo Editing

Compatible with both iOS and Android, Fotor is a free, intuitive photo-editing platform that includes features like collage-creation and image sharing (with more than 100 million users), as well as image discovery. The latest Fotor version even includes the world’s first ‘focus’ feature, allowing you to enhance your photos to SLR-level quality.



For: Billing

Accessible from any device with an internet connection, Invoiceable.co allows you to manage and track all of your client invoices from a single dashboard — for free. It also facilitates payment transfers via PayPal, and includes a feature that automatizes recurring invoices.



For: Building a Following

It wouldn’t be right to compile a list of apps for photographers without including Instagram, the undisputed image central. Use Instagram to build your personal brand, to put your work out there, to connect with other creatives, and to gain a fan base.


This is just a handful of the many apps out there you can use to manage and grow your photography business, and there are of course other options similar to those we’ve listed. What apps do you rely on most? Tell us in the comments below.