A Whale of an Installation

Scientists and rescue teams attended to a 55-foot sperm whale beached at the Cutty Sark on the Thames in London last week.

Curious and concerned Londoners took photos on their phones as marine biologists made investigative laps around the whale. Meanwhile, rescuers explained what they would do next if it were real.

(Wait, what?)

Nice catch; the whale wasn’t real – It was actually an installation by Belgian arts collective Captain Boomer. The enormous fiberglass replica was created in collaboration with Zephyr Wildlife Reconstruction for the 2013 Greenwich+Docklands International Festival.

After a brief stint at the Cutty Sark, the Great Greenwich Whale was moved by crane to the lawns of the Royal Naval College for the Greenwich Fair at the opening of GDIF2013. The display, presented in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, GLL and the British Divers Marine Association, is designed to draw attention to London’s ever-present oneness with the sea dating back through Greenwich’s rich whaling history.

GDIF2013 is a free outdoor performing arts festival featuring more than 150 performances by 30 international companies in East and South London. The festival runs from June 21-29 – For more information, click here to visit GDIF’s website.