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Duggal Big Picture Foundation

Duggal Big Picture Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, as the philanthropic arm of Duggal Visual Solutions.

For over 50 years Duggal Visual Solutions has been a strong civic citizen as a supporter of charitable organizations and a patron to the art world. Through sponsorships and co-sponsorship, Duggal has been able to aid many organizations in fundraising efforts, promotions of the arts, and to spread the word of awareness. Helping such organizations as American Cancer Society, The Rotary Club, All Stars Project/ Castillo Theatre, JCLGO, Long Island 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk, Friends of Firefighters, The National Arts Club, 9/11 Museum, The Tribeca Film Festival and the Holocaust Museum to name a few.

In addition to our continuous support of visuals and production effort for a large array of organizations and individuals we have also begun to make large strides in education. After a year of finding ways to bring information on photography, printing and fashion to our clients we became more aware of our passion and moral responsibility to help educate and keeping the youth of the world dreaming of the future. Driving our motto to be:

Dream • Inspire • Educate

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