Amazon Audible: A Party for the Tech Ages

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Amazon Audible: A Party for the Tech Ages



In just about any metric, Amazon is by far and away the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, employing more than 154,000 employees worldwide, and consistently notching between 20 and 40 percent year-over-year growth for the past decade.

With growth comes the need to acquire and retain top talent, which the Internet giant also has a legendary reputation for. Company perks and engaging events such as pop-up farmers markets, sports leagues, on-campus concerts and movie premiers with top stars have become corporate energizers. The Amazon culture and growth trajectory extends to Audible, the audiobook and media company Amazon acquired in 2008. Meanwhile, both companies’ roots in technology create an upbeat atmosphere at Audible that draws the best people, and the best out of them.


Every December, Audible rewards its 800+ employees with an unforgettable holiday party. This past year, the company’s party planning team engaged Duggal to transform its Newark headquarters into the ultimate tech-centric party venue. Duggal Innovations Lab, headed by Creative Director Glenn Rabbach and coordinated by Blaze Gregorio, designed everything from transparent media curtains and custom-printed carpeting to pixel cubes, a selfie station, and digital display content. The entire setup was produced by Duggal with lightning turnaround, and installed by our experts on-site within a 24-hour timeframe. Then came party time!