‘Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait’ on Display in London

Curators’ Corner

‘Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait’ on Display in London

A new exhibition at the Jewish Museum London gives viewers a glimpse into the life of the late Amy Winehouse.

“Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” features a large collection of personal belongings from one of the most embattled, controversial entertainers of our time. Prior to her lethal drug overdose at just 27 years old in July 2011, Winehouse had a longstanding reputation for substance abuse and a large handful of personal issues. Her talent was undeniable, often chilling, but her reckless lifestyle often overshadowed her gift as she became a media spectacle – truly a tragic story.

“Amy was close to her family and had a strong sense of her Jewish roots and heritage,” the museum says. “The Jewish Museum is the perfect place to find out about the woman behind the music and beyond the hype.”

The exhibit, curated by Winehouse’s brother, Alex, and sister-in-law, Riva, features items representing the Grammy-winning singer’s passions. Winehouse’s books, records, clothes, household knick-knacks and previously unseen family photos are all on display in “an intimate and moving exhibition about a much-loved sister.” Viewers will even see the guitar Alex taught her to play on.

“Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” is on display at the Jewish Museum through September 15.