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Art Meets Science in These 3 Duggal Design Services

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Art Meets Science in These 3 Duggal Design Services

Duggal Visual Solutions is known primarily for printing and graphics, but our services cover much more. While our passion lies in art, our process includes logistics, specifications, and complete attention to detail across the board. Here are a few of our more “scientific” services:

Mechanical Design

We are able to switch from the left side of the brain to the right so that we can deliver accurate mechanical drawings. With large-scale graphics occupying physical space, mechanical design helps to ensure the installation goes smoothly. Our ability to apply user experience and design thinking makes us every bit as much engineers as we are creatives.

Visual Design

Duggal has a team of in-house designers specializing in all areas of visual creative services. From 2D representations and layouts to 3D interactive renderings, our consultancy helps you understand and adjust what your graphics and fixtures will look like well before they are put into production.

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Fixture & Product Design

By combining mechanical and visual design with our vast knowledge of substrates, production possibilities and install logistics, Duggal helps you stretch creative boundaries with fixtures and visuals of all shapes and sizes. We are proud to be a trusted design partner for museum exhibitions, gallery openings, events and retail campaigns worldwide.

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