Bloomingdales/Chanel Sublimage Install

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Bloomingdales/Chanel Sublimage Install

Duggal created several items for Chanel’s Sublimage display at the Bloomingdales store in Manhattan at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue

Duggal produced the following items for the display:

• Two five-sided 42” high pedestals (four sides with one top and a hollow bottom) made from ¼” glossy black plexi.

A cad cut logo was installed on the face of each of them, together with a 20″ x 20″ metallic c print face mounted to a thin 1/ 8″ clear plexi.

• Three six-sided boxes 20” high made from ¼” glossy black plexi.

We surface mounted 2 metallic c prints to each side.

• Duggal also produced all other elements in the photos below for the Chanel Sublimage display.

The install was challenging because Duggal had to create three oversized gator boards:
64″w x 126″h
64″ w x 105″ h
30″ w x 105″ h

Duggal added gator board frames in the back with velcro all around and installed them directly to the wall and added black glossy edging all around. The two larger ones had 1st surface glossy digital C prints, while the smaller one was a metallic print to add light and make the display more reflective.

The smaller gator board a small acrylic shelf was 13″ wide x 5.5″deep, 1/2″ thick and had polished and flamed edges.

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