Bracing Options at Duggal

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Bracing Options at Duggal

There are three common bracing options for hanging rigid mounted prints directly to a wall other than using traditional picture framing wire.

1. A reverse cleat on a wooden frame

2. A reverse cleat on an aluminum frame

3. An aluminum frame with a z-clip or l bracket

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Some combinations of materials and hardware are more common than others but almost any substrate can be used in conjunction with these hanging methods. The most commonly used are rigid mounted prints.

A rigid mounted print would qualify as a print mounted to, or directly printed on, any rigid substrate. Substrates can include but are not limited to: gallery mounted plexi, acrylic, dibond, sintra, gator board, museum board, aluminum, glass, wood, or MDF.

A wood brace with a reverse cleat is the most economical option, and is generally used for small to mid size pieces. Aluminum braces, with their distinctly modern aesthetic, can be used for small to mid size prints but are a must for larger and heavier prints. The aluminum will mitigate the risk of damaging your print. Aluminum braces can be outfitted with either L bracket cleats or, for a lower profile, Z bar.


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