Brightpoint Health Rebranding – Here Comes the Sun

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Brightpoint Health Rebranding – Here Comes the Sun

Help/PSI has undergone a rebranding effort and is now known as Brightpoint Health. The new logo, website and office design resonate with the brighter futures Brightpoint Health aims to provide. Brightpoint’s headquarters at 71 West 23rd Street is the first to graphically incorporate the rebrand, setting the tone that will branch out to its thirteen clinics throughout New York City.

Brightpoint Health Redesign Interior    Brightpoint Health Rebranded Interior

Brightpoint Health is a nonprofit organization originally founded in the 1980s to serve HIV/AIDs patients and those with substance abuse issues. Brightpoint Health provides high-quality health care to communities challenged by poverty, discrimination and lack of access. Brightpoint Health treats 40,000 patients annually, granting each of them the care and respect they deserve. They view patients as family, focusing on an individual’s growth and their ability to overcome any health challenge, standing by them through every step – giving deeper meaning to their motto, “Welcome to Wellness.”

Brightpoint Health Interior Rebrand Angle   Brightpoint Health Rebrand Wall   Brightpoint Health Wall Another Angle

The graphics created as part of the rebranding communicate hope and empowerment. Duggal Visual Solutions is proud to assist Brightpoint Health through this transformation. Duggal consultant Brittany Wirtz worked with Brightpoint to ensure Duggal delivered quality services that encapsulate their brand message.

Brightpoint Health Rebrand Wall Close Up   Brightpoint Health Framed Print on Wall

Guests are welcomed at the door by an etched mark frosted vinyl pattern that mimics the sun logo, complimented by “Welcome to Wellness.” A hand sketch by artist Abigail Daker was reproduced into an impressive mural that wraps around the lobby wall. This unique New York City panoramic cityscape features highlights of yellow, representing the lives touched by Brightpoint. The original hand sketch is framed and displayed in CEO Paul Vitale’s office, a reminder each day of Brightpoint’s accomplishments and ambition to expand. Duggal’s contribution to the rebranding efforts can also be spotted on the streets on the vehicle wrap created for Brightpoint’s “Sprinter”.

Brightpoint Health Vehicle Wrap   Brightpoint Health Vehicle Wrap Rear

Brightpoint expects that customers will feel welcomed by the new design. The rebranding process visually represents their continuing efforts of outreach to underserved and at-risk New Yorkers. Their inspiration lies within serving the vulnerable, aiming to diminish any hesitation they face when seeking health care.