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Capture The Moment – Photo Contest – Winners Announced!


Capture The Moment – Photo Contest – Winners Announced!


We want to thank everyone again for your participation in our 3rd annual Capture the Moment contest. Your images and stories were wonderful, and we encourage all to enter our upcoming Recollection: Reconstructing The Past photo contest opening April 1.


Our ‘Capture the Moment’ first place winner is

 Debora S. S. Fidelis Cunha with “Sisters Love”

Debora S. S. Fidelis Cunha_Sisters Love

 Kiki, only one year old, meets her newborn sister at the maternity hospital corridor. Kiki’s eyes and hands express a unique moment of deep love among sisters.


Our five runners up, in no particular order, are:

Anna Marriage with “The Moment Dance Takes Over”

Anna Marriage_The Moment Dance Takes Over

This is my daughter Eleanor. We were watching the rehearsal of her first ballet show, the older girls were on first, she watched them and in the space in front of the stages (where the rows of seats were to be put) she stood and started emulating their moves, she got totally absorbed in the moment, she danced and tried to copy what they were doing – it was magical and loads of the parents saw what she was doing and went ‘ahrrrr’ – she later was on stage as one of Alice in wonderlands bunnies. It was a proud parent moment.


Eric Tkindt with “Photographer Luck”

Eric Tkindt_Loser and Winner

In August somebody stole my camera (a Nikon d3s) so I was obligated to buy another (a better one thanks to my lovely wife) the Nikon d4s. This camera is much better with a high ISO so I could now take pictures in dark places like boxing arenas. I went for the first time to Ghent to see boxing and that night the last fight was the fight for the world title between the Brazilian world champion, Anderson Clayton, and the Belgian opponent, Sasha Yergoyan. In a certain moment the Brazilian was going down in the corner where I stood and so I could take this picture with the winner in the opposite corner. In this picture you see everything that is “sports” meaning: winning, losing, emotion, … so a better sports photo I will never make. I was at the right moment in the right place and we named this in Belgium “Photographer Luck.”


Froi Rivera with “Play With The Rain”

Froi Rivera_Play with the rain

One afternoon, on a good weather, I was working in my house. When suddenly the rainfall, curious on how strong the rain, I went to the window to take a look. I saw that there where kids outside still playing despite the rain. So I immediately ran and grabbed any camera, without an umbrella, I just took a towel with me and went outside my balcony. With just the towel to cover me, I took photos of these kids running & playing. The rain was really strong it flooded the street ankle deep. The light was good, and the dynamism of raindrops and flow of flooding water was also timely. I waited for one moment that the kids would eventually come close to each other, which they did! They stretched their hands and huddled, & I immediately took this shot.


Ian Gilmour with “Waiting”

Ian Gilmour_Waiting.jpg

When I arrived at the station, which is a cold and lonely place at this time of night, I had planned to photograph the train guard with the signal-box in the background. When I had my camera and tripod set up a train pulled into the station and just as it pulled away, a man came running up the stairs and just missed it by seconds. The next train was in one hour. It was a very cold and frosty evening and I pitied this man standing waiting in the freezing cold. (No café open). I took this shot after a few minutes and then went home to a warm fire still thinking about him waiting there.


Jessica Santiago with “When The Eyes Speak”

Jessica Santiago_When the eyes speak

I took this photograph in a retirement home. That day I went there with a group of friends to celebrate Mother’s Day with all the elderlies who live there. This old lady in the picture barely could speak, but she was so happy to receive our visit. She was so happy to know that she was not forgotten there. My friends and me just wanted to give something else to them on Mothers Day last year, but they gave so much more to us.