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Capture the Moment Photo Contest – Winners Announced

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Capture the Moment Photo Contest – Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone that submitted a photograph to Duggal’s Capture the Moment photography contest. We received over 700 entries making the decision extremely difficult. We pulled in additional judges and have made our final picks!

We have chosen 1 grand prize winner and 5 runner-ups. Drumroll please…

The Winner Is…

Marianne Fourie

Untitled (Christmas Tree)
© Marianne Fourie

“I came across this mysterious scene veiled in the mist in Switzerland on my birthday. From the bank of the river Rhein, I saw a Christmas tree in a little-moored boat. The tree wasn’t decorated and the boat was in midstream. By charming coincidence, two yellow buoys, looking like giant Christmas baubles, floated nearby. I love the oddness of the sight, the nuances of gray of the image and the buoys’ dashes of bright yellow in the dark water. It seemed an enchanting birthday present.”


Congratulations to the 5 runner-ups who will also be receiving prizes (runner-ups are not in any particular order):

• Lisa Cueman
• David Lazar
• Ramon Lopez Seco De Herrera
• Carolina Lima
• Dima Vazinovich

Be Still
© Lisa Cueman

“Last winter, I had been out photographing a group of horses in Vermont in near white-out conditions for over an hour when a small break in the snow storm occurred. It was a welcomed relief for them and for me and the storm had also provided a beautifully clean backdrop to shoot against. This mare was off on her own and loving all the white she presented with just the black of her eye, I started to photograph her. Most of my images have her eye(s) open but I also caught this shot with her eye closed which I found so expressive of the quiet and peaceful respite that I also found myself in with a break in the storm. It was one of those moments that just made me stop and take in all my surroundings.”

Tunnel of Light
© David Lazar

“Three playful and energetic novice monks in Burma run towards me while I’m visiting a temple. They were having fun playing to my camera as they all jumped simultaneously up into the air.”

Man on a Train
© Ramon Lopez Seco de Herrera

“We were going to take the train. All the ambient was really dark but the reflections of the sunset in the glass of the station doors and windows were casting random squares of light here and there. I was taking a photograph to the other side of the station when suddenly someone opened a door so the reflection changed right in the face of that man. My girlfriend told me “look at that” and I shot so quickly that the man didn’t have time to see anything. Then he smiled. But that is another story.”

City Ghosts
© Carolina Lima

“This picture was taken for a theme of my portfolio called “City Ghosts” and it turned out to be the one that ended up capturing exactly the feeling I was looking when I decided to take pictures in the city: as life moves faster and faster and we are so busy minding only our own life, every day we walk among thousands of people who are indifferent to us (ghosts). In the end, we are lonelier than ever, even in the middle of a crowd.”

Kids Enjoying Summer
© Dima Vazinovich

“I took this photo a year back at a local fountain at Tel Aviv Beach, a bunch of kids were playing around and enjoying the hot Israeli’s weather, while dancing and playing with water. I was looking for something I haven’t seen before an angle to show them at their joy and happiness.”