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Commercial Printing Presses and Benefits

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Commercial Printing Presses and Benefits

Commercial printing, in its simplest terms, is a phrase that encompasses all printing services in which the printed product is identical to the original product. By definition, commercial printing describes the process of taking one’s work and copying it onto a printed surface. This might take shape in the form of a brochure, magazine, business card…anything that is used for promotional or advertising purposes.

Commercial Printing Presses

The most common types of machines used for commercial printing are:

  • Laser – typically used for mass printing of text.
  • Professional inkjet – Ideal for printing graphics or logos.
  • Wide format – For large-scale prints such as banners or posters.
  • Garment – A good choice if durable, high-resolution graphics are desired.

Benefits of Commercial Printing

It is always wise to first consider the advantages of using commercial printing as opposed to at-home printing.

  • Cost-efficiency – In many cases, going to a commercial printing company can be more affordable than the cost to purchase and maintain a high-volume desktop printer.
  • Convenience – Printing in mass quantities on a desktop printer will likely require a lot of troubleshooting and babysitting. Instead, leave these tedious tasks to professionals.
  • Timing – The speed at which your mass quantity of copies can be printed and finalized is likely to surpass that of an at-home printer.
  • Variety – Commercial printing allows a much greater variety of paper, ink type, color, sizing, finish and weight options.

Commercial Printing at Duggal

Duggal is committed to providing all of your commercial printing needs with the latest technology and highest level of service. Learn more about our commercial printing services and capabilities here.