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Custom Built LED Light Boxes

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Custom Built LED Light Boxes

With years of experience in the fabrication of light boxes, Duggal is a provider of many styles of lightboxes available in the market place today. The options of lightboxes out there are limitless, from one of a kind, to mass produced units. Duggal offers a more custom option to our customers. Through our own research and development we have created a line of highly customizable lightboxes that offer the options and flexibility to better serve our client’s needs.

Our in-house designers have engineered and fabricated an entire line to best suit the demands of today’s graphics industry. Their insight into pros and cons of off the shelf solutions has led them to take the best of what is currently available, while designing for the future. Each piece is custom built by hand to achieve the highest possible quality. Inlaid, wall mounted, and free standing options are available.


For pieces inlaid into walls, we now offer a border-less option. Coupled with our proprietary design, this option gives the illusion of a wall of light – with no frame but the wall itself. Graphics can be applied directly to the surface with a temporary adhesive and easily changed out if the client requests.

Wall Mounted

Traditional light boxes, with their large bulk and permanent placement, offer a limited options for your application. Our wall mounted light-boxes offer almost limitless design options. Aluminum, dibond, sintra, any acrylic, finished wood, and veneer can be used to customize the outside frame. Our variety of finishes present designers with the ability to incorporate a lightbox’s structure into their total design scheme.

Visual satisfaction is only half of the appeal of our processes. Once we stepped backed and surveyed the landscape, we saw that finishes were just one area we could improve. Two of our design focuses are structural innovation and energy efficiency. Our intensive research and development process have led us to solutions for both of these areas.

Energy Efficiency & Lower Profile

Traditional light-boxes have been using fluorescent lighting for years. Recent advances in lighting have led us to embrace the implementation of LEDs for graphic illumination. LEDs allow us to simultaneously address the need to reduce the profile of the piece while maintaining the luminosity of a fluorescent bulb, while also consuming less energy.

Fluorescent lights require deeper light boxes, sometimes exceeding a foot. This is caused by both the size of the lighting fixtures and the distance needed to prevent lighting hot spots. LED strip lights’ compact size and wide coverage have allowed us to cut our  lightbox profile down to three inches. (Thinner edgelit lightboxes available at as well but are limited to a smaller overall size)

Additionally, LEDs use only a fraction of the energy of conventional lighting while having a much longer lifespan. LEDs are recorded to last between 35,000- 50,000 hours at peak performance. For instance, one of our 8 foot by 4 foot light-boxes will run on as much or less energy than two 75 watt household light bulbs.

Please reach out to us to learn more about what we can design for you.