David Yurman – Birds and Blossoms – Spring 2015

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David Yurman – Birds and Blossoms – Spring 2015

Beyond a luxury retail and jewelry brand, Yurman is a timeless example of inspiration, innovation and quality in craftsmanship.  This passion extends to store design and display, where one can sense the original aesthetics established by founders David and Sybil Yurman at the company’s founding in 1980.

David Yurman Birds and Blossoms Store front

Duggal has been David Yurman’s visual solutions partner since 2007.  Our most recent project is built upon Yurman’s own directive that jewelry be both fashion statement and work of art. As such, jewelry showcase displays should enhance the presentation of the Yurman collection, and be works of art in their own right.

David Yurman Birds and Blossoms Window Display

Recently introduced into Yurman stores with the 2015 spring collection, showcase displays were installed with metallic back panels that are beautiful works of art.  The vision, established by Sybil Yurman herself, and communicated to the Yurman design team, was to create a spring theme. Out of this directive came a solution to feature cherry blossoms and the birds that find solace among them.

David Yurman Birds and Blossoms Retail DisplayDavid Yurman Birds and Blossoms retail

Duggal experts brought dimensional layering to the original master image files, enabling 3D-to-the-touch print production, uniquely available at Duggal Visual Solutions.  This sculptural effect is possible through state of the art technology and equipment that can print textures, in this case on metal foil with a matte laminate to tone down the shine inherent in foil, then finished by adhering the piece to black gallery grade plexi.

David Yurman Birds and Blossoms Watches Case