David Yurman Unveils Deep Blue Oceanic Campaign

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David Yurman Unveils Deep Blue Oceanic Campaign

Not too long ago, we featured David Yurman’s ‘WOW Wall,’ a gorgeous, 10-foot-tall display at Saks Fifth Avenue. The WOW Wall was significant in that it artfully introduced digital imagery into the brand’s complete mastery in every facet of design from jewelry to the luxury shopping experience.

With an eye on extending this new visual direction, David Yurman again called on Duggal’s Steve Arnesen, this time to orchestrate production for a new reef-inspired campaign. Arnesen collaborated with the David Yurman team to first secure both video and still imagery for a “virtual aquarium” theme. Then, we created three video walls for David Yurman’s Madison Ave, SoHo and Beverly Hills flagship stores, accompanied by photographic prints that are also featured in other boutiques nationwide. The result is a super-fun summer installation, captured perfectly in time-lapse form on David Yurman’s Instagram.

David Yurman's Wow Wall Coral Reef

David_Yurman Wow Wall Oceanic Reef