David Yurman ‘Wows’ at Saks Fifth Avenue

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David Yurman ‘Wows’ at Saks Fifth Avenue

David Yurman personifies the art of jewelry making, from the celebrated Cable bracelet to the signature Albion collection. For 35 years, Yurman and his wife, Sybil have created their own aesthetic equilibrium of form, color, light and shape.

Yurman’s vision stands front and center in Saks Fifth Avenue, where a custom-fabricated display showcases his finest work against a backdrop illustrating his creative process through overlaid video of sketches and silhouettes. Duggal’s Steve Arnesen, who has been working with the David Yurman brand since 2007, collaborated with retail and in-store designers to create a 10-foot-tall installation bridging Yurman’s artistry with subtle digital imagery, a formula that is being received tremendously well. The David Yurman ‘WOW Wall’ houses clear-screen technology and an elegant oiled walnut trim within a black monolith, exemplifying the brand’s mastery in a museum-esque presentation.

Saks Fifth Avenue David Yurman Saks Fifth Avenue David Yurman Wow Wall

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