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Deflated Yet Defining: The Bittersweet Roof Replacement of the Carrier Dome


Deflated Yet Defining: The Bittersweet Roof Replacement of the Carrier Dome

When the Carrier Dome roof was first inflated on July 24, 1980, it was a marvel of modern architecture.  

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“Acres of fiberglass fabric roof ballooned 150 feet up from the ground and workmen cavorted gleefully on the inflated surface as the Carrier Dome earned its name,” the Post-Standard wrote in a front-page feature.

Over the years, the home of the Syracuse Orange football, basketball and lacrosse teams became an icon in the Syracuse, NY skyline and one of the most legendary venues in college sports. It is, in fact, the largest on-campus basketball arena in the country, with a capacity of 33,000-plus.

Nearly 40 years removed from its debut, the Carrier Dome roof was deflated on March 16, 2020. Don’t worry; the arena isn’t going anywhere. The roof is just getting a refresh. explains:

“The Carrier Dome’s next roof, a tension-membrane roof, is expected to have a longer lifespan, require less upkeep and eliminate the potential of a collapse in bad weather. That roof is expected to be finished this fall part of a building renovation that will include improved lighting and sound systems and a center-hung scoreboard. Other improvements are scheduled before 2022.”

The Carrier Dome is a special place for the Duggal family, as our CEO, Michael Duggal, is a Syracuse alum. We recently installed a field wrap inside the dome to the tune of the ubiquitous “New York’s College Team” campaign seen throughout New York City. Here’s to a new chapter with an old friend in Syracuse!