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Desk and Office Gifts for Your Boss

Curators’ Corner

Desk and Office Gifts for Your Boss

It’s a good idea to get your boss a holiday gift—not necessarily with the expectation that they’ll play favorites, but more so to bring positive energy and good nature to the workplace. You might not agree with all of their decisions, but you’re in it together. Whether they’re an owner, executive or department head, here are a few gift ideas:

SIIG 10-Port Charging Station

If you notice your boss constantly plugging in different chargers and devices, a SIIG Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station is a fantastically simple gift that will change their life. In addition to providing ample charging ports, charging stations serve the dual purpose of minimizing the clutter of cords and the need for additional outlets.

StandStand Portable Standing Desk

For the boss who’s always visiting clients and prospects—or the boss who loves to switch up their scenery when working in the office—consider a portable standing desk like the StandStand Portable Desk. They’ll be able to set up shop and work healthily wherever they go. StandStand has products for a laptop alone, or for a laptop with a mouse.

Office Trash Can Basketball Hoop

Encourage your boss to take a break with The Document Dunk Trash Can Basketball Hoop, an impressively tiny sport that “lets you become the MVP between meetings.” This particular model comes with adjustable hoop height and automatic ball return—no actual basketball skills required. You might even be challenged to a game yourself.

Neighborwoods Map Coaster Set

Is your boss proud of where they’re from? Neighborwoods Map Coasters are a hip and crafty gift pick this year. Most big cities are available, as are custom orders if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Not only will you be giving the gift of a clean, undamaged desk, you’ll also be showing your attention to detail by picking your boss’ hometown.

Vibrachrome Print

Every executive’s office should have one of these metal prints from They’re called Vibrachome, and they’re truly timeless in their combination of vibrancy and durability. The image of your (or their) choice is infused into the metal using a proprietary heat process, and then backed with a brace and shipped with all of the necessary hardware for easy hanging.

Whether you choose one of these gifts or have an idea of your own, go on and give your boss a thoughtful holiday gift. ‘Tis the season!