Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Kirsty Reeves

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Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Kirsty Reeves

Kirsty Reeves photographs people—people whose everyday lives inspire her, people who she can see a part of herself in. When in her studio, Kirsty looks through her camera lens watching for the moment that lines up with the feeling she had on first seeing her subject out in the world. Every photograph she takes is an intuitive response to that initial felt experience, each image a bit of a reflection of herself.

Kirsty Reeves GS_Kirsty Reeves

Kirsty was born in Scotland in 1991, and received a BFA graduate from Alfred University in Alfred, New York in 2013. She is influenced by Northern Renaissance painters, Renaissance sculpture, late-20th century Japanese photography, and contemporary fashion design. She joins the Duggal Artist group with an interest in using our artful framing techniques and our high definition prints to show her work in the best light.

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