Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Luigi Rodriguez

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Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Luigi Rodriguez

Luigi Rodriguez, from Caracas, Venezuela, describes himself as a pop artist, because he uses the historic figures of our popular experience to make his sensational collage portraits.

Luigi Rodriguez GS_Luigi Rodriguez

He transforms each iconic image, like Marilyn Monroe or Salvador Dali, by cutting and pasting used stamps from his father’s collection into their silhouette. Looking at his work gives one the experience of rediscovering the past made fresh by the looking at it through the lens of identity and movement. Who could imagine that looking at these people and symbols we thought we already knew quite well could turn into a consideration of the passage of time? Who could have guessed that collages could convey so much feeling?

Luigi Rodriguez GS_LR_queen-elizabeth-luigi-rodriguez



To create his, startling and touching collages, Luigi looks to use Duggal’s High Definition printing tools.

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